Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer below, please phone and discuss your query with one of our friendly staff


Private Health and Bulk Billing

Do you bulk bill? What does my Private Health Insurance Cover?

The following patients may be eligible for bulk billing: Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card holders, Pensioner Concession card holders (only) and children under 16 years of age. Please note: We are unable to bulk bill any clients on weekends. For all other consultations, please check our standard practice fees or ask reception staff.

Even patients who are eligible for bulk billing may not be covered for some consultations according to Medicare rules, like pre-employment medicals and tests not covered like AMH and BRCA Gene. Please see the medicare website for more information.

For Australian residents with private health insurance. At this point in time, private health does not cover anything for a general practitioner. We have a hi-caps machine and are able to get your rebate for allied health services like podiatry and psychology depending on your level of cover.

Can I get my results over the phone?


It is the policy of this medical practice to not discuss any results over the phone. Reception and nursing staff do not have access to results.

If you are directed to return to the practice to consult with doctor for your results, then you must discuss them with the doctor. Sometimes, if results are completely normal, nursing staff are able to advise you or this, but they cannot interpret any results. If you have any questions regarding results, you will need to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

Do you have interpreters that speak my language?

Do you have interpreters that speak my language?

Where possible we endeavour to accommodate non-English speaking patients. If you require this service, please make an appointment in advance and inform us of your need for an interpreter.

Home Visits

Do your practitioners do home visits?

While every effort is made to accommodate patients that cannot attend the practice. We are unable to bulk bill any home visits.

If a patient is sick or unwell, they will be triaged through the nurse and a doctor MAY be able to attend your home, otherwise hospital may be indicated. There is also the after hours doctor that you can call out to your home when we are closed. You can contact the Sydney Home Medical Service on: 8724 6300 and they will send us a report of your consultation the next business day for your medical file.

Parking and Transport

Is parking available?

Parking is readily available within the Kings Cross car park and may be accessed via Ward Avenue.

Repeat Prescriptions

Can I get a repeat prescription over the phone?

Generally No!

But you may discuss this with the reception staff. Depending on what the medication is for and when you last consulted with doctor, we may be able to have a short prescription issued.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Do you direct bill department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients

Depending on your level of cover with the DVA (white or gold card) and what your restrictions are for. We are able to direct bill those conditions that DVA will cover you for once we have confirmed prior approval from DVA

Medical Records

How do I access my medical records?

Please discuss this matter with your GP during your consultation.


Do I need to make an appointment?

While we do encourage our patients to make an appointment to ensure consultation times run smoothly, we also welcome walk-in patients to our practice. Those who do not make an appointment will be asked to wait until a doctor becomes available.


How do you manage my personal information?

Our practice follows the guidelines of the RACGP’s Handbook for the management of health information in general practice, 4th edition. The Handbook incorporates federal and state privacy legislation, and the Australian Privacy Principles, which requires that your personal information is kept private and secure.

Fountain Medical takes steps to ensure that your medical records:

  • are accurate, complete, well-organised and legible
  • are up-to-date
  • contain enough information to allow another GP to care for you
  • contain a summary of your care
  • can be used to remind you, with your permission, to return for follow up, check-ups and reviews.

Our practice will not share your personal health information with anyone else unless:

  • you have consented to this sharing, or
  • they are legally obliged to disclose the information, in which case your GP will first discuss with you the information that she or he is legally obliged to disclose, or
  • the information is necessary for you to obtain Medicare payments or other health insurance rebates, or
  • there is an overriding public health and safety interest in the release of the information.


Fountain Medical also has a written privacy policy describing how we manage personal information. You can receive a copy of our policy free of charge upon request.   If you have any concerns regarding the privacy of your personal health information or the accuracy of the information held by the practice, you should discuss these with practice staff.